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About Cancun, Hotel Zone

Cancún has become an iconic place for fun and relaxing vacations. Part of the Yucatan Peninsula along Mexico's Caribbean coast, this resort town promises beautiful beaches, plush accommodations and endless ways to have a good time. You'll find the experience of Cancún is defined by the part of the city you're exploring, whether it's the zone of hotels and beaches or the bustling and fascinating downtown. There's so much to do, you'll be booking a return trip before you're done with your first visit.

See the Hotel Area

There's a microcosm of excitement contained within the hotel area of Cancún. The beautifully maintained beaches show off the grandeur of the Caribbean coast and allow for hours - or days - of relaxation by the coast. If you're interested in adventure, you can travel into the sea for snorkeling, diving or sea trekking - walking along the bottom of the sea with an oxygen tank. There's fun to be had on top of the water as well as beneath it, with jet skiing, surfing and sailing expeditions all available at Cancún.

The nightlife and restaurant scenes in the hotel area are designed for maximum guest appeal, offering a sampling of local flavors and entertainment late into the night. The shows and specialties at local clubs are varied and compelling, with live performances or packed dance floors offering ample chances to make amazing memories. Where you go will depend on who you're traveling with; there are family-friendly restaurants and attractions to see, as well as ample nightclub choices for adults.

Enjoy the Region

Exploring around Cancún reveals a different side of the area. Before the colonial era, the Yucatan Peninsula was a major hub of Mayan civilization. The ruin's of that culture's dominant era still dot the landscape, none more famous than the massive complex at Chichen Itza. This Mayan city contains multiple grand pyramids and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can spend a day of your Cancún trip delving into the history of Chichen Itza before heading back to the present-day party town.

The Xcaret ecological and cultural park offers another view of the Yucatan Peninsula. The preserved area is home to numerous habitats for protected species, as well as the remains of a Mayan port. Turtles, spider monkeys, deer and spiders are conserved within the park, and there are habitats set aside for butterflies and coral species native to the peninsula. In addition to natural preservation, Xcaret hosts programs dedicated to Mexican historical education.

Cancún is waiting for discovery, in the hotel area and beyond.

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