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Acerca de San José, México

El extremo de la Península de Baja California complace a aquellos que desean estar en medio de la acción —y también a los que prefieren una escapa tranquila.

When you head out on your next trip to the sunny Baja California peninsula, you can make a lot of exciting discoveries by setting aside some time to see the city of San José del Cabo. This is a more traditional town than its beachfront neighbor Cabo San Lucas, and the bustling, history-steeped streets are perfect for curious travelers to explore.

Conozca la ciudad

The center of San José del Cabo is Plaza Mijares, with the ancient mission building providing a focal point for the city. The mission was founded in 1730, but San José's story goes back centuries further. The first European explorers reached the area in 1530, before which it was the home of a culture called the Pericues.

The downtown area adjoining the square is now the Art District. Local artists give San José a distinctly colorful and compelling atmosphere, and you can find works that continue age-old traditions as well as contemporary creations. After a day spent admiring crafts and historic architecture, you can dine at a world-class restaurant and watch the boats come and go at the stunning marina.

While Cabo San Lucas is the local city most associated with beaches, San José adjoins Playa Palmilla and Playa Santa Maria. The golden-sand paradises are places to swim or dive, or to spot natural wonders such as turtle hatchlings making their way to the sea. If golf is your preferred outdoor activity, you can spend a day on any of the world-class courses between San José and Cabo San Lucas.

Enjoy the Region

Baja California is full of unforgettable attractions. When you have a rental car to drive, you don't have to choose between Cabo San Lucas and San José del Cabo, as it's easy to drive the 20 miles between them. The journey is bordered by beaches, resorts and other amenities, meaning you'll never run out of things to see or do, no matter how long you set aside to spend in sunny Mexico.

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