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Acerca de Puerto Plata

Puerto Plata, known in English as the Silver Port, has been drawing visitors to the Dominican Republic with manmade and natural beauty all around the city. The landscapes surrounding Puerto Plata range from bold mountain ranges to welcoming beaches, with river lands and valleys in between. The area has a long history, encompassing both native culture and the arrival of Christopher Columbus nearby. The city's glory isn't stuck in the past, however, as exciting clubs and restaurants beckon travelers out into the warm night.

Conozca la ciudad

Going out at night in Puerto Plata may mean dancing until dawn or relaxing at a beachside club designed with peaceful sea views in mind. There's an experience for every taste in this tropical destination. During the day, a fun excursion could revolve around a guided tour of the Brugal rum factory. This brand has been in business in the Dominican Republic since 1888. If your interests are more artistic, the contemporary Casa De Arte serves as a center of arts and crafts and a museum.

Walking downtown in Puerto Plata reveals a mixture of historical architecture, significant monuments and fascinating places to eat and shop. Neoclassical homes dating back to the 19th century are still accessible today, transformed into businesses serving an international clientele. The area centers around Parque Independencia, a palm-lined plaza flanked by restaurants and cafes. Nestled among this beautiful downtown, you'll find the Amber Museum. Some of the fascinating amber specimens on display include fossilized animals trapped inside for millennia.

Enjoy the Region

History buffs don't have to go far to find excitement in Puerto Plata. Nearby, you'll find the ruins of the first Exploration Age European settlement in the Americas, Christopher Columbus' base of operations. You can see what remains of Columbus' home and the first New World church. The Columbus encampment isn't the only historical site in the area, either. Fortaleza San Felipe is a preserved Spanish fort built in the 16th century as a defense against pirate ships.

Enjoying nature is another beloved pastime around Puerto Plata. Hiking Mount Isabel de Torres allows visitors to take in breathtaking views of the nearby mountains and valleys. For those less inclined to climb the slope, there is a cable car - the only such vehicle operating in the Caribbean. The most famous walking trail near the city, the 27 Charcos de Damajagua, will take you to up to 27 breathtaking waterfalls. Excursions are separated by levels of difficulty, and only the hardiest travelers will see all 27.

In or around the city, Puerto Plata holds startling beauty and endless interest.

Rent A Car – Explore Puerto Plata!

Hire a car with E-Z Rent A Car in Puerto Plata and discover its surroundings with mobility and flexibility. Al elegir E-Z en línea para contratar un automóvil en Alquiler de auto en Puerto Plata, puede aprovechar nuestras tarifas preferenciales prepagadas por Internet. Trabajamos con fabricantes de automóviles de primer nivel para garantizar lo mejor en materia de calidad y seguridad.

Nuestros vehículos en las estaciones de alquiler de automóviles en Puerto Plata son modelos recientes y cada automóvil alquilado se inspecciona y limpia al final de cada alquiler.

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