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Sobre Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix, Arizona, is situated in one of the most breathtaking landscapes in the U.S., on the vast and majestic deserts of the Southwest. Whether you're spending a day, a week or more in Phoenix, you can count on finding something interesting to do. From bars and restaurants downtown to cacti and boulders on the plains, there are always more sights to see.

Rent a Car – See the City

Founded in 1881, Phoenix is the fifth-largest metropolitan area in the U.S. Within the city limits, you'll find all sorts of unique and interesting attractions, such as the Musical Instrument Museum. The museum matches its globe-spanning collection of music-making tools with a performance space that hosts concerts all year. One of Phoenix's major educational centers is the Heard Museum, dedicated to preserving the history and culture of 22 Native American groups from the region. Distinctive Southwestern traditions are carried on at the museum.

When it's time to walk through the city and have a bite to eat, you have numerous neighborhoods to choose from. The Old Town is a top district for both souvenir-hunting and nightlife, and it is home to some of the city's coolest up-and-coming restaurants. Heritage Square is a particular dining nexus - multiple eateries in this historically rich area have won James Beard Awards for excellent cuisine.

Enjoy the Region

The rocky canyons and plateaus stretch out around Phoenix on all sides. Lovers of the outdoors can explore the Sonoran Desert, with trails put in place by the Arizona State Parks system. Throughout the state, there are more than 600 trails set aside for walking or non-motorized vehicles. You can see more of the beautiful wilderness by bike, or even on horseback.

Whether you spend most of your time on the trails or explore the city itself for days on end, Phoenix is a fun and exciting place to spend a vacation.

Rental Car Pickup Information

  • Go to the area designated for rental car shuttles. Aborde el autobús de enlace para autos en alquiler, que es verde, gris y blanco con la leyenda *Rental Car Shuttle* en el lateral, para ir hasta el centro de automóviles en alquiler en 1805 Easy Sky Harbor Circle South.
  • El área de recogida designada se encuentra en las siguientes terminales:
    • Terminal 2 - AC, AS, CO, QX, UA, ZK: salga por las puertas de al lado del área de retiro de equipaje hasta el área de servicio de enlace para automóviles en alquiler afuera.
    • Terminal 3 - AA, DL, FL, F9, NW, OO, SY, YX, B6: diríjase al cordón sur y siga hasta el área del servicio de enlace para automóviles en alquiler ubicado afuera.
    • Terminal 4 - AM, BA, HA, HP, US, WN, TZ, WS e internacional: vaya a la acera sur y diríjase al área de servicio de enlace de automóviles en alquiler ubicado afuera.
    • Servicio de estacionamiento: siga los letreros del centro de automóviles en alquiler del aeropuerto.
  • El mostrador de alquiler se encuentra en el centro de automóviles en alquiler consolidado. Al llegar, suba un nivel y siga los letreros hasta el mostrador de alquiler de Advantage.

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