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Sobre Miami, FL

Sun and sand await in Miami, Florida's world-renowned center of nightlife activity and natural attractions. When you visit the palm-tree-lined streets and beaches of Miami, you can tailor your experience to your personal preferences, as there's no shortage of things to do.

Conozca la ciudad

Boasting temperatures that generally stay above 70 degrees all year long, Miami's beaches are perfect for relaxing and the finer things in life. If you can tear yourself away from the seaside and head into the city itself, you'll find a diverse and thriving community full of fun attractions.

The many neighborhoods of Miami each bring unique qualities and appeal. Little Havana is defined by its alignment with Hispanic culture, Cuban in particular, providing venues to try Latin American cuisine, gallery art shows and exciting night spots. South Beach and the Art Deco District are home to museums and preserved historic locales, as well as upscale bars.

If you'd prefer to spend your day watching a live sporting event, Miami is a great destination, regardless of the season. The Dolphins, Heat, Marlins, Panthers and more professional teams call Miami home.

Enjoy the Region

There are lots of different ways to enjoy the outdoors in the Miami region. If you're a committed golfer, you'll find plenty of courses that will test your skills, even when more northern parts of the U.S. are deep in winter. You can also head out to sea on a chartered boat - the waters around Miami provide a great environment for diving, deep-sea fishing and other aquatic pastimes.

If you want to explore the Everglades, Florida's famous wetlands, you're in luck - Everglades National Park is close to the city, and offers an unparalleled chance to see plants and animals only found in Florida's wilds. This preserved wilderness is especially appealing in the dry season between November and March, with fewer insects and more migrating birds flying south.

In and around the city, Miami is a treasure trove of things to see.

Rental Car Pickup Information

  • Desde el área de retiro de equipaje, todos los pasajeros se conectarán entre Miami Airport y el centro de automóviles en alquiler a través del nuevo tren eléctrico MIA Mover.
  • La estación de tren MIA MOVER se encuentra en el 3er nivel entre los garajes Dolphin y Flamingo.
  • Use SkyRide del 3er nivel SkyRide (rampas móviles) para acceder a la estación MIA MOVER.

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