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Alquiler de automóviles en el aeropuerto de Las Vegas

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Acerca de Las Vegas, NV

Spending time in Las Vegas can deliver a number of amazing experiences. Whether you have a day, a week or more to discover the glitzy casinos, glamorous theaters and unique attractions of this desert metropolis, you'll find ways to occupy every single moment of your time. There's truly no place like Vegas, and once you've experienced the city, you'll be planning what to see and do on your next visit.

Conozca la ciudad

A bright oasis of lights in the middle of the Nevada desert, Las Vegas is a world-renowned destination. One of the most exciting parts about exploring the city is discovering the extra attractions attached to the resort-casinos that make them so much more than places to stay and gamble. The world-class entertainment venues offer shows to cater to every taste. Indeed, Vegas is the go-to place for stars to put on hit-filled residency performances, with current offerings including career-spanning sets from Jennifer Lopez, Lionel Richie, Gwen Stefani and many more.

The theatrical acrobatic troupe Cirque du Soleil also stages highly ambitious shows in Las Vegas, such as "O", "KA" and "Mystere," each based around a different kind of athletic and difficult physical performance. When one ends its run, it's only a matter of time before the troupe debuts a new wonder. In a city with so many live entertainment options, every venue goes all out to create an overwhelming experience.

Considering Las Vegas' status as a capital of fun and excitement, it's unsurprising to see how many great restaurants and bars call the city home. The hotels, resorts and casinos have their own food and drink options, and if you head off the strip, you can find restaurants serving every kind of cuisine imaginable. You can even soak up the atmosphere at themed hotspots, such as Commonwealth, which is designed to keep the roaring twenties alive.

Enjoy the Region

You don't have to stick to the Strip to have an exhilarating time around Las Vegas. A short drive from the city, you'll find Skydive Las Vegas, a skydiving company that has operated in Nevada for 25-plus years. From beginners to experts, anyone can discover the thrill of coasting to the ground from 15,000 feet in the air.

Even on land, the landmarks can be overwhelming in their impressive scale. The Hoover Dam stands 726 feet tall, and visitors can tour the inside and outside of this engineering wonder.

Las Vegas promises excitement, and the many attractions in and around the city are designed to deliver.

Rental Car Pickup Information

  • Se encuentra en el centro consolidado de alquiler de automóviles.
  • Aborde el servicio de enlace fuera del área de retiro de equipaje hasta el centro de automóviles en alquiler y diríjase al mostrador de Advantage. Los autobuses de enlace pasan cada 5 minutos.

Las Vegas Car Rental Local Policies

  • Para viajar afuera de NV un administrador debe aprobarlo.
  • Los arrendatarios locales tienen un límite de alquiler de 10 días por vez.

Políticas locales

Haga clic a continuación para la política de alquileres.

Políticas de los centros

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